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Kazan, sometimes spelled Kasan, is a city in west-central Russia on the bank of Volga River. It is the capital city of Tatarstan region. Kazan's port and shipyards on the Volga make it an important water transport center. Founded in 1401, modern Kazan became the capital of a powerful, independent Tatar khanate in 1445, which emerged from the empire of the Golden Horde. In 1552 it was conquered by Tzar Ivan IV and became the part of Russia. Tolstoy and Lenin studied at the University of Kazan which was founded in 1804.

The city also has a branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, an ancient cathedral, several monasteries, mosques, and the Russian Islamic University Medrese, founded 1998. City is also famous for it's museums, theaters, restaurants and breathtaking views.


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