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Kaliningrad (Konigsberg)

Russia out of Russia

Kaliningrad is a very special city. Kaliningrad area is westernmost Russian region located separately from mainland on South-East coast of Baltic Sea in Europe.

The city was founded as a fortress in 1255 by Teutonic Order in Prussian territory and was named Konigsberg, which means “Royal hill” (German). After the World War II had ended Konigsberg was annexed by USSR in 1946 and got its present name. Kaliningrad became significant industrial and commercial Soviet center.

Kaliningrad combines harmonically traditions and features of both cultures: Russian and European. Despite of fact that city was in ruins after the war, locals saved surviving architectural monuments carefully. They honor rich history of their hometown. I. Kant, E.T. Hoffmann, F. Bessel were born and worked here.

It is one of the most green city in Europe, there are plenty of old beautiful parks. Kaliningrad area is famous for amber extraction, here lies 90% of world stock.

Nowadays Kaliningrad is rapidly developing as a popular tourist destination which can give unforgettable experience and boasts its unique history and nature.


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