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Golden Ring


The Golden Ring is a group of medieval towns and cities forming a ring to the northeast of Moscow. These towns played a significant role in early Russian history as well as in the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the towns one can find a lot of ancient Russian architecture from the Middle Ages including kremlins (walled fortresses) and monasteries, cathedrals and churches. When visiting the Golden Ring you will be able to go back in time and imagine a Russia that used to be in the past. The cities are associated with Russian Princes and knights, early Tsars such as Ivan the Terrible, the Mongol invasions and many other historical figures and events. Listening to the stories and legends told by professional guide will evoke memories of storybooks and fairy tales. The towns of the Golden Ring are all in the Russian countryside which is beautiful – full of forests, fields, rivers and lakes. Your visit will be a great break from the bustle of Moscow or St. Petersburg. Walk along ancient Kremlin walls and see the onion domes rising up from cathedrals or follow paths along old riverbanks – travel back in time during Golden Ring tours. An unforgettable adventure is waiting for you.

Moscow and the Golden Ring tour


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