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“Stereoleto” Festival

“Stereoleto” Festival

July 7-9, 2017

Locations: Kirov Central Park, Elagin Island, St-Petersburg

STEREOLETO means two unforgettable days in the most beautiful park, where besides music a lot of interesting features await the festival guests.
• STEREOFOOD offers a special festival menu from the best restaurants of the city,
• STEREOMARKET: clothes and goods from Saint Petersburg designers,
• STEREOFUN: themed areas offering entertainment for the whole family,
• STEREOKIDS: a large area for children,
• STEREOART: a possibility to make acquaintance with the works of contemporary art.
Cultural project OKHTA LAB will continue its educational activities and open a lecture space "Discussions on the couch". There will be pleasant conversations about music, effective leisure, art, summer festivals and travelling. During the discussions in the format of a talk show famous personas of cultural life of Saint Petersburg and Moscow will share their observations and impressions about contemporary art and life.
Enjoy pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the festival in the most beautiful city of the world!

The Battle on the Neva River Festival

The Battle on the Neva River Festival

July 16-17, 2017

Locations: Peter and Paul Fortress, St-Petersburg

“The Battle on the Neva River” festival hosts spectacular large-scale battles, knight duels
and tournaments in the centre of the city. This historical festival invites the residents
and visitors of Saint Petersburg to discover the depths of our glorious history. It is dedicated to the victory of the Great Knyaz Alexander Nevsky in the Nevskaya battle against the Swedish army on 15 July, 1240. Tens of historical reenactment clubs from
Russia and foreign countries will take part in this festival. Some of them will present live
expositions of the past centuries, some will take part in equestrian tournaments and battles. A historical market will be open during all the festival time; it is divided into more than ten different thematic entertainment sections. Children and adults will see medieval armors and will make a souvenir themselves in a real field smithy just like in the old times.


“Multi-Most” (“Multi-Bridge”)

Early August, 2017

Locations: Suvorov Square and the Field of Mars, St-Petersburg

Modern technology allows to turn nearly anything into a display and nowadays very few
holidays take places without the use of video mapping, when city objects make the background for transmitted images. Summer project “Multi-Bridge” based on that
technology took the Saint Petersburg residents’ fancy, especially the young ones’.
“Multi-Bridge” is an ambitious multimedia show, a giant media installation displaying animated films and video clips on the raised bascule of the Troitsky bridge across the Neva River. Residents and guests of Saint Petersburg will be able to see all the achievements of contemporary animation: short masterpieces created in 3D
and classical hand-drawn animated films from France, UK, the Netherlands, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, and, of course, Russia. The project which mixes cinema and architecture, art house and folk merrymaking, Internet traffic and road traffic offers its guests the best works of the animation art among the magnificent architecture of Saint Petersburg!

Harley Days

Harley Days

Early August, 2017

Locations: Ostrovsky Square, St-Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Harley® Days is an international event dedicated to motorcycles. It is a part of an international Harley-Davidson® festival system. Tens thousands of residents and visitors of the city have a unique opportunity to discover a
subculture of a famous brand, see the most beautiful motor-parade and hear the worldknown classic rock hits. The motor-parade starts at the Palace Square
and continues on the most beautiful prospects and embankments of the city. For those who prefer the darkness a not less impressive evening motor-parade is organized. It is called Harley ® Night Ride. Stunning ladies and beautiful motorcycles is
a classic and timeless combination! To prove it a beauty contest LADY HARLEY® of Saint Petersburg Harley® Days will add the charm to the festival.
The programme will surprise all the guests and participants of the festival with exclusive
events and incredible competitions.