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Welcome to Russia – multinational country with old culinary traditions. Here West meets East, antiquity meets modernity, compiles recipes of different regions and neighbor peoples and produces the national cuisine with all its authenticity and originality.


Traditions of the Russian cuisine go back to the old times, when grain - wheat, rye, barley and buckwheat - was the main food in Russia. Bread played a very significant part in their diet. The festive table couldn't be imagined without pies and other pasties. Pancakes were also among the most popular dishes. They are served with different dressings and fillings and one that is quite well-known is undoubtedly red caviar. Meat dishes including game and fowl were invariably present at the table due to widespread cattle-breeding and hunting.


Woods that covered large areas of country lands brought "gifts of the forests" on the Russian table. One should also not forget about the fish courses. Russian cuisine is well-known by its marinated and salted vegetables, fruit, berries and mushrooms that accompany both daily meal table and festive feast. Rivers and lakes rich with fish made it one of the favourite food of Russian people too. Fish can be fried, baked, cooked in soup, smoked and salted.


In 18th and 19th centuries contacts with Western European countries grew and Europe enriched the Russian cuisine with new ideas and ways of cooking mainly derived from France. Also this time new products as for example potatoes and tomatoes came to Russia. This is when such famous dishes as Russian salad ‘Olivier’ and meat course ‘Beef Stroganov’ appear.


As Russia is large country with different peoples living on its territory and long history, local traditions of its regions became now an essential part of the whole Russian cuisine itself. Mainly they are taken from Ukranian and Caucasian cuisines. They are famous beet and meat soup ‘Borshch’ from Ukraine and fleshy grilled lamb ‘Shashlyk’ that came from Caucasian lands.


Here are the most popular food and drinks that are must to taste:

  • Russian Olivier salad (salad with chicken)
  • Pelmeni (meat dumplings)
  • Solianka (rich meat soup with vegetables)
  • Borshch (beet soup)
  • Shchi (cabbage soup)
  • Beef Stroganov (cut meat in sour cream sauce)
  • Pancakes with different fillings
  • Golubtsy (stuffed cabbage rolls in sour cream sauce)
  • Ukha (clear fish soup with lime and dill)
  • Russian vodka (strong alcohol drink)
  • Kurnik (Chicken pie)
  • Kotlety Pozharskie (ground Chicken cutlets)
  • Okroshka (chilled vegetable soup with meat)
  • Kvas (cold bread beverage)
  • Shashlyk (marinated meat grilled on a skewer)
  • Marinated mushrooms and vegetables
  • Sudak Fish (fried or baked)
  • Seld pod Shuboy salad (herring with beet and other vegetables)


At your service there are different places where you can taste national cuisine – it can be the restaurant of haute cuisine or festival in stylized Russian village, it can be interior of 19thcentury or typical Russian style with national patterns and paintings, with dishes from hunting cuisine or cuisine of Emperors times or of Soviet times and many other variants. Whatever you choose wherever you are going to taste it, our managers will be always glad to help you in organizing a meal for groups, arranging menu according to your special wishes or order a table in case of individual tourists.

For more information please contact us:

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