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Soleans Service

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +7 812 / 7021222
+7 812 / 7021333

25, Novgorodskaya St.,
191124 St. Petersburg

Trip itinerary:

Paratunka – Valley of Geysers – Caldera of Uzonvolcano – Nalychevo springs – Avachinskaya Bay – Mutnovsky volcano – Gorely volcano – Kuril lake – Caldera of volcano Ksudach – Khodutka hot springs – Paratunka


Day 1

Arrival at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Free time. Dinner.

Day 2

Helicopter excursion to Valley of Geysers and Caldera of Uzon volcano, with flying around active volcanoesKarymskiy and Maliy Semyachik. Lunch during the tour. Departure to the natural Park "Nalychevo". Rest, bathing in hot thermal springs. Return.

Day 3

Boat trip on Avachinskaya Bay with access to the Pacific ocean to Starichkov island. Examination of the rookeries – mixed colonies of guillemots, Kittiwakes, cormorants. On the reefs around the Islands there is a haul out of spotted seals and insular seal antura. Sea fishing. Lunch on the boat. Removal. Dinner.

Day 4

Climbing Mutnovsky volcano (2323 m). Nosh in the volcano crater. Descent from the volcano. On the way visiting a waterfall in the "Dangerous" canyon. Dinner.

Day 5

Climbing the Gorely volcano(1829 m). Viewing the main craters of the volcano. Nosh in the volcano crater. Descent from the volcano. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 6

Helicopter tour to Kuril lake. Watching the bears and salmon spawning. Lunch. Walking tour along the lake Key. The flight to the Khodutka hot springs. Bathing in a hot river. Return. Transfer to the hotel. Rest. Bathing in pool with thermal water. Dinner.

Day 7

Check-out. Transfer to the airport. Departure.