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Soleans Service

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +7 812 / 7021222
+7 812 / 7021333

25, Novgorodskaya St.,
191124 St. Petersburg

Trip Itinerary:

Arkhangelsk – the Northern Dvina – Uyma village – Arkhangelsk


Day 1

Arrival in the Arkhangelsk city. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the city. Lunch. Accommodation. City tour "Arkhangelsk – Gates of Arctic." Visiting the North Sea Museum. Master class: "Sea knots." Dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast. Transfer to the "Kapitan Chadaev" or "Captain Evdokimov" icebreaker Landing. Accommodation in a cabin. Departure to the voyage. During the trip, the icebreaker carries an icebreaking vessels in the waters of the port of Arkhangelsk on the Northern Dvina. The program includes: excursion on the icebreaker (the captain's cabin, engine room, the deck of the icebreaker, galley). Meals: lunch and dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast on the icebreaker. Landing from the icebreaker. Country Tour "Wooden architecture of the North" in the "Small Karelians" museum. Visiting the Seney Malina museum in the Uyma village. Tea with pies. Returning to Arkhangelsk city. Lunch. Transfer to the airport. Departure.